The International Multi-Genre Noise Band “SINthetik Messiah” Home Grown on The Bayous of Louisiana, USA

The International Multi-Genre Noise Band “SINthetik Messiah” Home Grown on The Bayous of Louisiana, USA

Local Artist Bug Gigabyte shares an interest in the Industrial sound of things that we just can’t get out of our heads growing up frequenting many spots from New Orleans, LA. Listen for him soon on a new show coming to Rock Louisiana called “The Industrial Revolution.” Below is a bit about the artists and many things about his style of music. It’s great to hear that someone local is continuing this sound.

Since SINthetik Messiah is a multi-genre band, their fan base ranges from goth/pop/electronica and just recently starting expand into hiphop in the underground. The band has been a silent influence to the goth and electronic music scene for a decade (as in we only promote to djs and bands only) helping expand the minds of the genres in growing a better scene for both sides, to some industry executives, the band is bridging the gap of both scenes.The band specializes in experimental music bringing new and old genres to the surface of the industry.

As you know in the electronic music scene, the difference between a producer and musician is quite different. The band has been working diligently to bring musicianship into the electronic genre, using original sounds(not samples). As EDM is saturated with samples from drum machines and samplepacks.

For the goth scene the band has been trying to expand the mind of the scene by using the same production techniques of EDM music. To Bug Gigabyte (Frontman/Writer/Concept Designer/Producer and Sound Designer), when it comes to sound design the goth genre particular “Industrial music” around the time Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson were emerging as giants in the industrial music genre, sound design was at its all time high.As time went on and the original dubstep started to popularize over-seas, EDM started experimenting more and sound design began to be a regular staple, causing “industrial music” to lack that edge or spark it once had, until recently.

art by Hal Moore

Original Art By Hal Moore

Originally the concept of the project “SINthetik Messiah” was an art project concept by using mixed media to push artist’s to create the unexpected by using guerrilla promotional tactics. Bug Gigabyte was asked to join a local highschool Black Metal band when he turned 16 as their keyboardist. After a year the band wasn’t experimenting enough to keep the interest of Bug Gigabyte, so he decided to quit the band and start working on his original idea but instead of art it was, SINthetik Messiah the band. While being influenced by the works of Nine Inch nails,Portishead,Operatica,Enya,The Prodigy,Ministry,Orgy,Aphex Twins,A Perfect Circle,The Beatles,Danny Elfman,and Ludwig Van Beethoven, Bug Gigabyte worked on a style for years in the studio, a style he could call his own, “Industrial Bass”.

Industrial Bass is a term that could be used to describe industrial music that uses the sub frequencies(20hz to 40hz) in a creative but complementary way (as of styles compared to dubstep and the new genre, future bass.) It wasnt until such dubstep producers, Caspa, Rusko and Dj Skream started making a name for them selves overseas, that their sound gave Bug Gigabyte the inspiration to create the missing element that needed to expand the sound of industrial music as a whole. In 2010 Bug Gigabyte coined and introduced the term “Industrial Dubstep” to the state of Louisiana by initially doing live performances and demo cds across the state.

While perfecting their industrial bass sound,Through 2010- 2015, SINthetik Messiah has created remixes of Nine Inch Nails,How To Destroy Angels,Atari Teenage Riot, Lords Of Acid, Wumpscut,Chainsmokers, Angels Of Violence, Lucid Static and The Rondo Brothers to show fans and the industry where the band was at the time with music production and sound design.

By continually performing and putting out demo cds of remixes and demo work, the band cross promoted in both genres, Industrial and dubstep on myspace,soundcloud,underground internet radio stations and debuting his newly constructed sound in the goth scene at Louisiana’s 1st Southern Gothic Festival.The band became a success in the underground being classified as the only industrial dubstep act in the goth scene.

Since 2013 the band gave way to three major solo releases, one digital only demo, featuring K Enagonio, (female death metal screamer,film maker and Alternative Press Tv Correspondent) a mix by Keoki Records (Superstar Dj Keoki’s record label) and one track produced by Scott Weiser of the breakbeat giants, Jackal and Hyde.

In 2015 the band was interviewed and debuted a secret track at SXSW that shared the stage with the hiphop star group, The Shop Boyz.

In 2016, “A Saint’s Sin (The Unforgotten Mix)” landed on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes “EDM Stars Vol.17” (along with Rihanna and other acts), “Hero’s (Produced by Scott Weiser)” made Hype Edits top 100, and the band received a honorable mention from Noisey Vice.

In the beginning of 2017, SINthetik Messiah and The Other La (Side project of Cj Pierce of Drowning Pool) began recrafting a versus track called “In My Dreams” set to be released later this year.

In 2015 the band lost all their social media and stayed off the grid to work on the demo album “Danse Macabre Vol.1” Coming back to the internet the band had to start back from scratch and gain all their fans back.This is currently still happening to this day.

Album and single info can be viewed and heard by clicking the link here