LILLIAN AXE Will Be At ROX in Cypress Bayou Casino This Saturday Take a Look…

LILLIAN AXE Will Be At ROX in Cypress Bayou Casino This Saturday Take a Look…

Lillian Axe, at first glance, is just like any other rock band. But a closer look can prove that they are a testament to their Louisiana pedigree: survivalists in the crazy world of rock n’ roll. Starting officially in 1987 and discovered by the same management as seminal ’80s rock band RATT (even produced by the late Robbin Crosby, Ratt‘s guitarist), Lillian Axe was critically acclaimed and primed for glory with their self-titled debut, with offerings like the breakout MTV hit, “Dream of a Lifetime“. Spearheaded by Steve Blaze’s guitar virtuosity, Lillian toured on this album and it’s follow-up “Love War“, spawning hits like the Girl cover “My Number“, “Ghost of Winter”, and the title track. This was the last album under their MCA contract and the last to feature Lillian Axe‘s classic lineup. it was also their first steps into cementing themselves as a rock institution.

While many bands of their ilk would have rested on their laurels or called it quits, Steve & company shifted into overdrive, touring and writing relentlessly, and releasing “Poetic Justice” and “Psychoschitzophrenia” in 1992 and 1993, respectively under Grand Slamm/I.R.S. Records. The album peaked on the Billboard Top Heatseekers at No. 28, the band’s biggest success to date, in part based on the strength of the single, “True Believer”. Shortly thereafter, the band would take a lengthy hiatus to pursue other music interests, specifically drummer Tommy Scott joining Godsmack and Blaze forming Near Life Experience with younger brother Craig Nunenmacher, formerly of Crowbar. Revitalized, Lillian Axe returned in 1999 with the release of Fields of Yesterday, a compilation of unreleased demos and studio outtakes and a live CD in 2002. Since then, Lillian Axe has toured extensively, and their live shows are unparalleled, with soaring guitar solos, anthemic sing-alongs, and just solid sets every single time they play. These guys show absolutely no signs of slowing down, and are currently in the studio recording a follow-up to One Night in the Temple, an acoustic live album in 2014.

***Don’t miss their next show Feb. 3rd at Roxx NightClub inside The Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel.

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Old Dance Venue Gets New Lease On Life in Lafayette, LA…

Old Dance Venue Gets New Lease On Life in Lafayette, LA…

In the last year there has been activity in one of the greatest traditions in Lafayette night life with the opening of Freetown Boom Boom Room in the building that once housed McKinley St. Pub, that was frequented by many fraternities and sororities in it’s heyday. It’s current atmosphere is now a place for people in Lafayette’s alternative and heavy metal scene. Now, there is a push to revitalize some of those old buildings further up the block. Welcome “Purr“: the newest bar on McKinley St, set to open early February 2018 in the old alternative dance club “Nitecaps”. Purr will be open Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm-2am, catering to Lafayette’s lesbian community.
Nitecaps was known for great music and great drink specials, and Purr will be continuing that tradition, with Friday happy hours from 8pm-10pm. 2 for 1 double well drinks and $2 domestics and $3 FIREBALL ALL NIGHT LONG!   Saturday Happy hour is from 8pm-10pm, with 2 for 1 double wells and $2 domestics. Expect this new night life experience to have it’s inaugural weekend the second week of February 2018, with live entertainment and DJ’s, so bring your dancin’ shoes! Purr is gonna be hot!

Plan For New Years Eve 2018! Find Fireworks At These Local Locations in Lafayette, Broussard, & Youngsville, LA…

Plan For New Years Eve 2018! Find Fireworks At These Local Locations in Lafayette, Broussard, & Youngsville, LA…

Every year we go out in search of fireworks in Acadiana for New Years Eve! We are always

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happy to meet up with one local firework retailer that always supports Live And Local. “Louisiana’s Extreme Fireworks.” This local business has now FIVE local locations in Acadiana. (address listed by clicking here)

We always start off at the Verot School Rd. location doing some demonstration blast offs with some of the employees from Louisiana’s Extreme Fireworks. Follow them on their Facebook page here. The Verot School road location is located at 3319 Verot School Rd, on the way to Route 92 in Youngsville, LA.

During the week we were able to visit all five locations in Acadiana. We were impressed at their wide range and selection of Artillery shells, Artillery shell cannon holders, and various children’s packaged fireworks at affordable prices. Click the website below to support 5 local Fireworks stands in the Acadiana area.

By clicking you will find the locations in Broussard, Lafayette, & Youngsville, LA (you can als click the links below to go straight to the location map from their website. Support this great seasonal local event business…they have supported the Live And Local goal since day one. Louisiana’s Extreme Fireworks is a locally owned firework business. Which means they are actually owned by someone who lives in the Acadiana. Feel free to follow them on Facebook by clicking below and start getting Extreme.

5 Locations Locally in Acadiana: Click this link to view

Lafayette, LA – 3319 Verot School Rd. Lafayette, LA 70508 – Click Here

Lafayette, LA – 800 E. Broussard Rd. Lafayette, LA 70508 – Click Here

Youngsville, LA – 415 Iberia Street Next To Post Office in Youngsville, LA

Broussard, LA – 1214 Albertson’s Parkway Shopping Center

Youngsville, LA – 1505 Bonin Rd. Youngsville, LA

Star Wars “The Last Jedi” Review and Perspective w/ The Deacon of Metal…

Star Wars “The Last Jedi” Review and Perspective w/ The Deacon of Metal…

The latest release of Star Wars The Last Jedi” has been met with overwhelming positive praise by critics, fans and the internet alike. Unfortunately, there’s sparked some negative responses, too, and not just from people who’ve seen it. There’s a new phenomenon I’ve noticed with this release that has been bleeding in from other topics as well. I’m calling it “passion shaming”.

From cosplay to video games, from Star Wars to Star Trek, and everything in between, “nerds and geeks” get a bad rap from the rest of the world. We’re a lot like you, with loves and passions, likes and dislikes. Specifically, when it comes to Star Wars, we tend to wait literally years for the next episode in the serial of the episodic space soap opera. We buy the toys and video games (while not all of the games are great, they actually fill in a lot of the storyline, like “Battlefront 2“), we read the books, and basically soak up all the canonical stories because it’s important to us.

Recently, I was one of the people who posted a request for people to please “check in” if they were going to spoil Star Wars, so I could avoid it. It was a simple request, nothing outrageous to ask. There’s always going to be a “holier than thou” person who knows everything, and wants to be the very first person to report on it. These kind of people get under my skin in the worst way. I want to go into a Star Wars movie with a fresh attitude, unspoiled. There are just some things you can’t “unsee or unhear”. Imagine waiting years to see the final scenes of your favorite character, only to have it ruined the day before you’d planned to see it. I know, in the scope of life, it’s a small detail. But sometimes it’s a detail we need to escape. A lot of people I associate with on a regular basis in an online capacity have taken a stance to talk down about it in a negative way, “astounded by the fact that grown-ass men” are arguing about spoilers, that they are more concerned with family, mortgages, their job or small businesses than some “silly movie”.

Frankly, it’s about common courtesy, and a bigger picture.  Coexistence with our differences, and that includes our passions, like Star Wars. It’s the ability to still see things with child-like wonder and fascination, escaping for a couple of hours with our favorite characters, rooting for heroic endings, and invest our emotions in the losses. It’s as important as your favorite band or football team.

Having explained myself, “The Last Jedi” was fantastic and I highly recommend you check it out, and all the episodes! Embrace your inner nerd, you might make a new friend!

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Queens of the Punt Age? Guitarist Kicks Concert Goer’s Phone For Making a Video in Crowd…

Queens of the Punt Age? Guitarist Kicks Concert Goer’s Phone For Making a Video in Crowd…

How do you feel about this one? Guitarist Kicks Concert Goers Camera While on Stage. Below is some footage from her own Instagram page and photo from Chelsea Lauren Photographer from Variety Magazine. Band Queens of the Stone Age. We are looking forward to hearing from the band on this one from social media or beyond.

Photo of Josh Homme from Chelsea Lauren



Video from Facebook: Chelsea Lauren


Doug Stanhope StandUp by The Deacon of Metal – Colby Foreman

Doug Stanhope StandUp by The Deacon of Metal – Colby Foreman

It all started innocently enough: interest in Lafayette Comedy’s Facebook event, “Doug Stanhope and Friends”. I wasn’t even sure I was going to go, even though I was a pretty big fan and had been for years. Stanhope, if you’re not familiar, is a fairly ascerbic comic, who will destroy you in a heartbeat just for being an audience member. As for me, even as a fan of comedy, I’d never attended even so much as an open-mic night, and I’ve been following comedy as rabidly as I’ve been following music, and can dissect it like a science more than enjoy it.

I half expected to sit in the back because it was a general admission at a small club inside of the local Hilton, so standing room only. As I’m waiting for my brother and his wife to show up, I’m perusing the event page on Facebook, and I message the event page to find out if they accommodate for wheelchairs (I’m in one, I’ll divulge for the purposes to be revealed later). Turns out I know the opening comedian, Jason, who also puts on the event and that he’ll get me sorted once I’m inside.

So we get there, and Jason directs me to a couple of spots that are open. My brother decides we’d be okay sitting up front. FRONT ROW. If you know

at the show in lafayette la

Everett & Colby enjoying the show

anything about standup, this is a mine field of horror. Even my sister-in-law knew better, and sat behind us in the second row. I didn’t particularly care. I don’t necessarily enjoy the attention, I just know that I’ve gotten this far in Life with a pretty strong sense of humor.

My friend is the warm-up for Stan Hope and his friend, Brendan Walsh. You may know Brendan from Comedy Central’s “Weird Uncle” or go further back to “World’s Dumbest” on Tru-TV. Funny guy. More on him later.

Jason was pretty good, I have to say. Does a bit on driving stoned, another on online-shopping and buying a gross of cereal. Pretty good stuff for a warmup, and to introduce Brendan Walsh.

Holy shit, this guy. Brendan Walsh. He basically comes on and does about a half hour set on some pretty outlandish stuff. Just explosive, really. I’m not sure if he was coked up or not, because he was just pretty animated, and one of those comics that kind of delivers a punchline in a disconnected from the audience kind of way. Either way, he was pretty brilliant. My particular favorite was the rant on using the handicapped bathroom stall, but that’s just my sense of humor.

Walsh was a good setup for what was to come, Doug Stanhope. I’ve been following this guy’s career for quite a while. Maybe not as long as some, but I’ve liked him sense he hosted “The Man Show” with Joe Rogan. He’s completely different from what you’d expect him to be. In fact, he’s different from every other comic, really. I’m a fan of everyone: George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Denis Leary, Artie Lange, Bill HIcks, and the list goes on. Stanhope is in a category all his own. My best analogy is that Stanhope would be Bill Hicks if he was still alive. But I digress…

You knew it was gonna be a good show, because he announces he’s already 3 double whiskeys in. It was gonna be a long night. Doug Stanhope, like I said earlier, is in a league all by himself. I think of him as the GG Allin of comedy. He’s an author, a podcast host, and hailed by every other edgy comic (Dave Attel, Bill Burr, and the like) as their favorite comic. I really thought he’d be taller, because his stature really is larger than life. Unlike Allin, he’s not really confrontational, unless he’s provoked. Enter Lafayette, LA.

Let me back up. Early on, I said I study comedy more than I enjoy it. This is true because, although I’m not a comedian, I think of myself as having a sense of humor, having dealt with a disability most of my life. Things have to be funny to you, and Doug Stanhope’s style is definitely in my wheelhouse. I’ve watched him on talk shows, clips on YouTube, standup specials, things like that.  One bit of his that I’ve seen is called “Killer Closer”, where he explains about a killer whale trainer who gets killed during a show at Sea World, and how it has all the elements of sadness, horror and comedy. It would be the perfect ending to a standup career. A lot of his bits are available online to watch.  It’s really why I’ve never really considered going to an actual show, especially in Lafayette. I couldn’t imagine the local crowd understanding what he was bringing to the table, and I was for the most part right. That’s not to say that there weren’t people in the audience who “got it”, but the general population thinks it’s their responsibility to get tanked up and be a part of the show. At a couple of points, he actually had to stop a few people from taking pictures. His event was the cause celebre’ fodder for this town, and people just don’t know how to act respectfully. I don’t know if it happens in other towns, but it definitely happens here.

This is how it started: “Lafayette, good to be here! It’s safe to say this isn’t gonna be one of those shows I’m recording for a live record. Consider this a ‘focus group.’ I mean, look at this: you’ve got this guy over here, with a cast.  This guy’s (me!) is missing a leg….” So I say, under my breath, “Rough town.” “No shit,” he says. First swing at me. After all, I was on the front row. That’s just begging to get nailed. So I let it slide. But he kept coming at me. Finally, he goes on a rant about truckers, and how he’s gotten emails from them, wanting to attack him for something he’s said during his act from time to time. “We put food on your table” was their response to one thing or another he may or may not have said about them. He meandered through explanation how a fraction of truckers, who he’s seen on the road side-swipe others, moving from town to town, carrying their trinkets made in china or wicker furniture from Home Depot and only a fraction of truckers delivered a facsimile of what could be called “food”, with a 25 year shelf life and microwave-ready. He points at me and says, “This guy knows! He probably lost his leg because of diabetes! Right?!!”  Howls of laughter from the audience.

In comedy, timing is everything, and here was my opportunity. By this time, Doug had started referring to me as Stumpy. I was fine with that, but by this

deacon of metal colby foreman

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time it was time to give back. So, I corrected him by saying,”No, it wasn’t diabetes. I was actually a killer whale trainer at Sea World.” He stopped in his tracks, and immediately recognized where I was going with it, that I was riffing on his own joke. “GO AHEAD…FINISH THE BIT!!!” We were both laughing at the moment, the reference and at ourselves.

Stanhope went on to rant about anything and everything from dead kids, rape jokes and why they should be funny, and being an “age-ist”. All relevant, unfiltered and uncensored. The gloves were off and I was loving it. He even called back to me again in a moment of respect, saying how much he “loved it” that I owned my disability and amputation. Just a great time. Frankly, I think my attendance at any future stand-up event is unfortunately ruined.

After the show, I ran into some friends with my brother so he could close out his tab at the hotel bar. His wife was already in the car; as I told him goodbye, some friends were going to the pool because “they heard Doug was hanging out there”. I told them I’d go meet them in a minute. As I tell my brother goodbye, I meet Jason the promoter by the bar and ask him for directions to the pool. I’m clueless as to my surroundings and he tells me it’s one floor down. So I take the elevator down. I’m down there by myself, unsure of where I’m going or even why, or what to expect to see or who when I get out there. Exiting the elevator, I follow the pool signs to the next door on my right.

Life, as in comedy, timing is everything. I find the door on my right that says “Rooms/Pool/Stairwell.” As I open it, the elevator doors open, and there stands Doug Stanhope and Brendan Walsh with their tour manager Shaley. Doug makes eye contact with me, and says “….shit”. We both just start laughing. Perfect end to all of it, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I thanked him for coming and expressed my gratitude for a great time. I really hope he comes back around, because it doesn’t get much better than Doug Stanhope.

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