The latest release of Star Wars The Last Jedi” has been met with overwhelming positive praise by critics, fans and the internet alike. Unfortunately, there’s sparked some negative responses, too, and not just from people who’ve seen it. There’s a new phenomenon I’ve noticed with this release that has been bleeding in from other topics as well. I’m calling it “passion shaming”.

From cosplay to video games, from Star Wars to Star Trek, and everything in between, “nerds and geeks” get a bad rap from the rest of the world. We’re a lot like you, with loves and passions, likes and dislikes. Specifically, when it comes to Star Wars, we tend to wait literally years for the next episode in the serial of the episodic space soap opera. We buy the toys and video games (while not all of the games are great, they actually fill in a lot of the storyline, like “Battlefront 2“), we read the books, and basically soak up all the canonical stories because it’s important to us.

Recently, I was one of the people who posted a request for people to please “check in” if they were going to spoil Star Wars, so I could avoid it. It was a simple request, nothing outrageous to ask. There’s always going to be a “holier than thou” person who knows everything, and wants to be the very first person to report on it. These kind of people get under my skin in the worst way. I want to go into a Star Wars movie with a fresh attitude, unspoiled. There are just some things you can’t “unsee or unhear”. Imagine waiting years to see the final scenes of your favorite character, only to have it ruined the day before you’d planned to see it. I know, in the scope of life, it’s a small detail. But sometimes it’s a detail we need to escape. A lot of people I associate with on a regular basis in an online capacity have taken a stance to talk down about it in a negative way, “astounded by the fact that grown-ass men” are arguing about spoilers, that they are more concerned with family, mortgages, their job or small businesses than some “silly movie”.

Frankly, it’s about common courtesy, and a bigger picture.  Coexistence with our differences, and that includes our passions, like Star Wars. It’s the ability to still see things with child-like wonder and fascination, escaping for a couple of hours with our favorite characters, rooting for heroic endings, and invest our emotions in the losses. It’s as important as your favorite band or football team.

Having explained myself, “The Last Jedi” was fantastic and I highly recommend you check it out, and all the episodes! Embrace your inner nerd, you might make a new friend!

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